3 Annoying Computer Screen Display Problems that will Drive you Insane

1.No Image or Black Screen on Display

If your computer or MacBook LCD displays no image at all and is still receiving power and the video signal, then something might be wrong. The first step is to adjust both contrast and brightness settings to much higher values. If this fails, disconnect the signal cable and turn on the screen by itself, it should display an initialization screen written something like no signal. Failure to display anything is evidence of a much more rooted problem. At this point, it is always advisable to seek the help of certified technicians or visit a computer repair shop.

2. Screen Constantly Flickers or is Partially Backlight

LDC screens have an optimal refresh rate that is always lower than what it can actually support. It may sound very counterproductive and outright wrong to reduce your refresh rate since it will lead to lower quality display, but it actually might improve image stability. Sometimes, this flickering is caused by a failing backlight turning off and on. Make sure you contact Apple tech support if your Mac starts acting up.

3.Horizontal or Vertical Lines Across the Screen

Surprisingly, this is a pretty common problem with many LCDs. White horizontal or vertical lines running across your display could be caused by a number of factors such as; disruption in the connections, power or internal issues with the monitor. The first thing to do if the lines appear is to power down both the display and the system, then check if the video jacks and plugs do not have any bent ends or broken pins. If you have a different video cable, try replacing it, otherwise call in computer repair experts to run diagnostics.