ISL6259 Chip and Apple MacBook Battery Charging and Power Problems


Is your Apple Mac Not Charging or Not Turning On?

The ISL6259 Chip is one of the most complex and challenging logic board components to replace. Although it is quite cheap to repair, it plays a very important role in your MacBook power system. So, what exactly does this tiny chip do?

Before we get to that, I need to take you through a couple of things first. Every command or communication transmitted through your computer passes through a data line. Data lines are circuits that carry data within your Apple Mac or any communications channel within computer microchips. Now, let’s say you turn on your PC, it works on perfectly on the charger, but when you look at the charger light, there’s no green light. This is a very widespread issue among computer users worldwide. What causes it? When your MacBook power system starts acting up, the most likely culprit is usually the one wire circuit problem. So how does the isL6259 Chip come into play?

In a computer board, the SMC, charger, VCC, pull up resistor and the ISL6259 Chip are all connected and communicate via a data line commonly referred to as a one wire circuit. At the very end is a logic gate that lets in voltage to power the isL6259 Chip, which in turn creates a data line for the purposes of communicating with your charger and SMC. All these multiple components need to work properly for the charging system to work like it should. However, a failed power or charging system could be brought about by any of a thousand factors. How on earth are we supposed to troubleshoot over 5000 little components on one system?

The ISL6259 Chip and Its Use in Troubleshooting MacBook Power Problems

Using the ISL6259 Chip is one of the quickest ways to troubleshoot any power issues with your MacBook. You’ll need an oscilloscope to check where the power voltage gets disrupted and eliminate any components that seem to be working. Typically, you want a complete SMC/BC/ACLK connection all the way to the pull-up resistor to open the logic gate.

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By looking at the data lines and power lines around the charging chip and adapter, you are highly likely to find something wrong with the ISL6259 chip itself. Your oscilloscope should show around 4 Volts through the resistor to the charger AC since their usually not the problem 99% of the time. A damaged ISL6259 Chip will not complete the circuit, often leading to migraine-inducing charging problems.

Before you go all nuts and destroy your MacBook motherboard or blame it on a faulty charger, make sure you take it to a certified computer repair centre for diagnostics, repair, and even replacement. It might end up saving you the trouble as well as some precious coins too!

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